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Whether we like it or not, my friends, we need furniture. The minimalists of this world would have us standing in a empty white box (we’re not averse to this in the right context by the way!) but the reality is we need something to sit or lie on and put ‘things’ in or on…and its as simple as that!!

The trouble is, finding what you want/need can involve some of the most difficult decisions you can make in your life. Admittedly not necessarily life changing decisions but a challenge nonetheless! Whether you make a living from doing this and specify for your clients or you are putting ideas together for your home we are here to make life simpler for you.

That’s what we do!

We recognise that bringing a cohesive package of furniture together can be quite daunting,challenging and above ,all these days, ‘time consuming’. So we are here to take some of that strain, to support the work you do and to offer solutions at every turn. We think that by being involved at the earliest stages helps us to have a deeper understanding of what you need allowing us to focus on the possible solutions.

We source from a wealth of the key European brands (link to suppliers here) together with producing bespoke solutions (link to bespoke here) right here in the UK. This combination makes us unique and it is this fact that sets us apart from our contemporaries. In order to give you that complete and cohesive service we have to (in some cases) be able to tailor some of the pieces seamlessly into the project as a bespoke solution. It enables our clients to fully integrate furniture from a wide range of manufacturers together with bespoke made pieces that just aren’t available out there.

The foundations of what and who we are, are set in the ‘modern’ school of thinking and we have a deep respect for design in all things past, present and future. We hope our wealth of product knowledge, strengths with our suppliers and production capabilities mat be something you will utilise some day soon.

So what are we?…well…we’re consultants, importers, designers, producers, a sales force, project managers, shippers, installers, re furbishers…..we’re anything and everything related to furniture…simple.