Middle east interview

I’m 16 years old, I’m new to the business and in my role as ‘all things social media’ for Latitude Interiors Ltd and Chaplins and Latitude Ltd I’ve got to find out everything there is to know about Latitude Interiors.
So, I thought I would go straight to the jugular and properly interview the boss and find out what he’s been up to recently and share these insights with you.
During a rare moment the boss was in the office……
RS: You went on a trip to the Middle East recently. What was that for?
DS: To talk to contractors and architects about specific projects we are involved in, in Qatar and Kuwait.
RS: What type of projects are they?
DS: Bespoke furniture project for a hotel and an “off the shelf’ and bespoke furniture office project.
RS: How did they come about?
DS: We worked on was a shopping mall project. It’s called ‘The avenues, Prestige Mall’. News gets around fast if you are reliable. It also gets around fast if you’re not!!
RS: What’s the difference between “off the shelf and bespoke?
DS: “off the shelf” is when we buy from our established European manufacturers of which we have direct purchasing power with at least 150 different companies.
Bespoke is our own specific and unique design, using our own production facilities in the UK and China.
RS: Which manufacturers do you use the most?
DS: For that answer its best to look at our website (www.chaplinsandlatitude.co.uk)
RS: What are the conditions like in Kuwait at the moment?
DS: At times it can be unbearably hot, sometimes reaching 40 degrees
RS: Does that ever affect the rate of work?
DS: Definitely, the workers often don’t work from 10:00 – 14:00 so when planning that has to be taken into consideration.
RS: What’s next on your list?
DS: Dubai in September…..when it’s cooled down a bit.

That was Darren giving an insight into  the work Latitude Interiors does throughout Kuwait City and Qatar, thanks for reading.

Ryan Smith

Latitude Interiors