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Still ‘THE’ fair


Sitting and enjoying a conversation with an old friend on a stand at Salone Del Mobile 2013 I was prompted to reflect on how many times I had been to this fair.

My companion had been ‘showing’ at this fair under various, established Italian manufacturer names for 40 years straight….wow!

As one does I then reflected on how many times I had been and surprised myself when I counted back to 20!!

Surely not,  I am still learning, why does it still feel so new to me? Why hasn’t the childish excitement of arriving here to explore what is new never worn off?

In a way this is an answer to why this fair, this theater of all things great in modern furniture is still a world leader and why I and thousands of others keep coming back every year.

I Saloni has that something extra, that underlying ‘design ethos’ that underpins most successful manufacturers but it also (for it’s size) has a real charm. From the ridiculous queues at the registration entrance to the completely nonsensical baggage storage system to the best snack bars in the world. To the Italian sense of justice when a poor Chinese man clutching a camera is unceremoniously bundled off a stand whilst the hip chick can click away to her hearts content.

It’s an atmosphere, a real sense of being at the center of things, from here life (and many a copied design) is propagated.

When I leave Milan I feel properly re-charged, ready to spread the gospel according to St Saloni and I get that feeling from no other fair. That’s why this is still ‘THE’ fair!