Radisson Farnham, Ireland

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Client: Radisson SAS Farnham Estate Hotel

Architect: Project Orange
It is the epitome of the traditional and modern infusion. It can at times, go horribly wrong but here the combination is magical. To date one of the cleverest schemes we have been involved with and a real logistical challenge supplying many different manufacturers to a different country.


Sourced product:
Galotti & Radice

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Tatler, July 2007 – 50 Hot Hotels

“Elegant and stately, Farnham Estate is the perfect place to spend a spa break simply because of its size. As the biggest spa in Ireland, Farnham takes the idea of a hotel spa to a whole new level, offering a huge range of treatments to suit anyone who is looking to get away from it all. Try the Moroccan Rose Oil foot polish to usher your tooties into the Summer season”