Sussex University


Architect – Woods Bagot London

Winning this project meant a lot to us on several different levels.

Not least because it, yet again, confirmed that our involvement in the project from the earliest point was a significant benefit to the architect and client.
It also proved that with our consultation, new ideas and furniture solutions could be developed to give continuity to the scheme.

Winning also meant we’d get to keep on working with a lovely team of people from client to architect.
The University of Sussex Library building was part of a ‘Utopian’ project designed by the great ‘Sir Basil Spence’ in 1959 task was to design and develop concepts combining intrinsic elements of his original designs but in a more contemporary manner.
Together with the architect we established a package of bespoke elements for the project and also set the standards for refurbishment of existing pieces and we are still redeveloping some of those pieces today.